a passion for antique broken china



Lori Rosenberger, the artist behind Cracked Up Jewelry...Where Broken China Comes to Life®.

A self taught artist, who's inspiration stems from a life long love for antiques. She finds beauty in wonderful pieces of cracked & broken china.
 Collecting Antiques

  Collecting antiques for years, she noticed that collectors did not collect the damaged china. She incorporates these pieces of broken china, porcelain & glassware into beautiful jewelry & 3D wall art. Incorporating broken but still beautiful antiques into art gives them a new life: hence, 

Cracked Up Jewelry...Where Broken China Comes to Life® was born!  


Lori loves hunting for antiques & in every town she travels to for art shows, she quickly finds the antique stores...let the antiquing begin! Each piece is purchased chipped cracked or broken. Through her Cracked Up Journey she has learned to make use of other broken antiques as well. Recycling china led her to broken glassware & even pop bottles! In her eyes, all antiques deserve a new life. Hunting for antiques is where the fun begins, she never knows what damaged pieces she will find. 



Designing & Creating

Creating one-of-a-kind jewelry
is a multi step process: she creates each one personally from start to finish. After the "find", she designs & cuts out a shape that compliments each pattern. Each piece is encased in a lead-free alloy & decorated with much attention on each detail.

History of Antiques 

Every antique has a history & a story. Lori feels the history must be shared. As crazy as it sounds, she becomes attached to these wonderful antiques. Researching each piece of china completes her transformation of these lovely antiques. Through her journey they become an extension of her.

Antiquing & Creating

Cracked Up Jewelry... Where Broken China Comes to Life® was a natural fit for Lori because it combines two things that she loves, Antiquing & Creating! Transforming & recycling a broken piece of the past into a beautiful piece of art...this is truly her passion. 

My Journey

Through my journey and travels over the past few years, I have been truly blessed. I have met so many wonderful people and made many new friends. I would like to THANK all of my wonderful customers. I love speaking to others who share the love of recycling the past! Thank you for the opportunity to create treasures and keepsakes for your friends & families.  

Thank you & Enjoy!




Cracked Up Jewelry, Lori Rosenberger